Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh yay, more controversy

So this is happening:

West Virginia University officials confirmed on Tuesday that NCAA investigators have recently interviewed university officials about potential rules violations involving the Mountaineers' football program.

West Virginia officials wouldn't comment on the specifics of the allegations, but a source close to the situation said the allegations center on former Mountaineers coach and current Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

Because, well, why not. My initial reaction to this is that it was kind of inevitable after they found violations at Michigan. Shortly after the allegations against RichRod surfaced concerning Michigan, WVU went back and did their own spot check and determined that nothing bad had happened. Michigan did the same thing, and voila, there were violations. So it was probably inevitable that the NCAA would look into this a little deeper.

The concern now is that they will find something and that will adversely affect how the NCAA treats the sanctions against Michigan in a few months. I don't know the fairness/legality of how that would work, but if they find that RichRod has been continuously skirting the law since his years in WVU, that may make them act a little more harshly toward him now, whether or not that's fair or legal. Otherwise, this shouldn't do much but tarnish RichRod's already muddy reputation and give more fodder for the local media to rabble rabble about.


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