Tuesday, May 25, 2010

David Brandon: Media sledgehammer

David Brandon is not playing around. After getting around to looking at a bit of the University's response to the NCAA, there's this little bit of media annihilation:

Although media reports in late August 2009 brought much public attention to the issue of potential countable athletically related activities ("CARA") violations, the University was already aware o the absence of CARA forms for the football program... When the media reports painted a picture of serious student-athlete abuse, the University immediately investigated these claims, as its primary concern has always been the welfare of its student-athletes. The NCAA Enforcement Staff joined the investigation a few days later.

While the joint investigation revealed rules violations in the football program, including some of the CARA and Bylaw 11.7 violations mentioned in the articles, the University is satisfied that the initial media reports were greatly exaggerated if not flatly incorrect.

Dear Free Press, you're not playing with amateurs anymore and have been openly called out by the University of Michigan on your fabrications. David Brandon found a way to make the worst pizza chain on the planet into a profitable entity largely through marketing. Dude is going to Death Star any bad press that comes Michigan's way.


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