Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brock Mealer on Rich Rod

Due to some awful sickness and my general depression regarding the events of yesterday--but mostly because I have a badger in my stomach right now--I wasn't able to put together a post for today. I did come across this video of Brock Mealer addressing the media yesterday after Rich Rodriguez was fired.
Regardless of what you think of Rodriguez as a coach, this is still one of the more moving things I've ever seen in sports. If you don't know Brock Mealer's background, read this. This is just more fuel to the "I really wish we'd kept Rodriguez" fire.

If anything big happens today, I'll try and report it quickly and give my thoughts on it. Otherwise, posting might be slow as we all sit and speculate who might be the next head coach. (Here's a hint: it's Brady Hoke.)


GOBlue_Vinnie said...

Good stuff Chris, thanks for posting this..

I hope all the RR haters are happy. Now we have to endure another 3-4 years of "rebuilding". In 3 years when our record is 7-5, I hope those same folks ride the coach out of town on a rail like they are doing to RR and staff. Sometimes I just can't believe how impatient and short-sighted we UM fans are. I guess "Bo-Ball" & "Carr-Ball" and 8-4 seasons forever is what UM fans what to go back too just because "This is UM and we're different". Hogwash. 21st century football was within our grasp and in the near future and now we've blown it. I live in Texas and have had to endure their BS for the last 3 years. I can't wait until they overtake UM in wins call themselves the sinningest program in history (complete sarcasim here).

Thanks RR haters. Enjoy the next 3 years witheven less wins. I know I will (again with teh sarcasim).

GOBlue_Vinnie said...

I can't wait until they overtake UM in wins call themselves the winningest program in history (complete sarcasim here).

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