Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Signing Day presser

Brady Hoke
  • We have 19 guys signed at this present time. There may be an addition later.
  • The first thing we had to do was get to know the kids that are on the team right now. Then obviously, it took us some time to look at where we were and what kind of football team we want to be.
  • You look schematically from an offensive perspective and match our needs there. And then you look at the defensive perspective. And then the kicking game.
  • 12 of the young men are defensive players.
  • Because of the elements and what you face because of the weather, you need to play defense and keep teams out of the end zone. 5 DBs, 3 DL, 4 LBs
  • A couple running backs: most of the time they're the best athlete on their team. Somewhere down the road, he may not be your #1 back, but has a passion for it, they make outstanding safeties, corners, slots, LBs. We will always take a couple backs.
  • Michigan is always a national brand. Going to look in the state of Michigan for players that fit the mold. Then work their way out.
  • Response and excitement about having a Michigan coach at a high school is out there.
  • A possibility that this class could still grow by a few players. "We're still working."
  • The foundation that RR and his staff was a good foundation. We'll be a little different as we progress with QBs and backs. Be different from an OL and TE perspective. From a defensive standpoint, they transitioned so much that there are some needs that we need to address. I don't think so much difference in this class.
  • There were only two that Hoke didn't get into their home. Players should feel comfortable with new coaches and be comfortable with the direction of the program.
  • Worked with short recruiting period three different times now. You just go to work.
  • There is no entitlement in this program. Going to be evaluated every day. When you recruit guys, I've never told someone they'll be redshirted and never told a guy he'll play as a freshman. DB, LB: Depending on how a few guys develop and learn, there may be an opportunity to play early.
  • From an athletic standpoint (man coverage, man free), physicalness and schemes was a focus on DB
  • We're going to be a 4-3 defense. Both over and under front.
  • Staff should be complete by Monday.
  • Team doesn't have a choice to buy in (or not) to strength program. Able to watch team run yesterday.
  • Only one player is enrolled this winter (Greg Brown).
  • Hasn't talked to any players about position switches yet. Will make decisions on what's best for the program.
  • Expects all 20 players to qualify. There has been no roster attrition.
  • DT and OL are priorities for 2012. Two of the DEs in this class are going to get bigger and stronger.
  • Greg Brown - Started in January. Engaged in winter conditioning
  • Russell Bellomy - QB. Al Borges looked at 15 QBs. Narrowed down to 4.
  • Brennen Beyer - DE. Athletic guy. Plays with toughness at point of attack. RR had cultivated the relationship
  • Chris Bryant - OL. "Refrigerator with legs and arms".
  • Tamani Carter - Safety. Had committed to another Big Ten school first.
  • Frank Clark - LB out of Glenville
  • Blake Countess - Out of Maryland. Been to Michigan a couple of times. RR did a tremendous job with him.
  • Justice Hayes - RB. 175 lbs now. In 1.5 years, he'll be 190 lbs back [Ed. sounds like a redshirt]. Good feet.
  • Keith Heitzman - Hilliard Davidson HS.
  • Delonte Hollowell - DB from Cass Tech. RR brought in. Talented, good feet, loose hips. Lots of speed.
  • Kellen Jones - LB out of Houston. Length, goes sideline-to-sideline
  • Jack Miller - OL (specifically a center). Toughness and football intelligence
  • Desmond Morgan - LB. Attacks line of scrimmage
  • Antonio Poole - LB out of Cincy. Plays with physicalness.
  • Tony Posada - 6'4", 330 lbs OT/OG from Tampa. "Road grater at the point of attack". "I look small compared to Tony". Between him and Chris Bryant, two guys that fit the mold of M OL will look like.
  • Thomas Rawls - Physical RB.
  • Chris Rock - DE from Columbus.
  • Raymon Taylor - DB from Highland Park. Play the ball in the air and line people up and go through the middle of them.
  • Matt Wile - Kicker.
  • (late addition) Chris Barnett - TE. "We need tight ends". Only two guys on the team that are TE. TE will be an important part offensively. One of the most athletic guys in the country.


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