Friday, April 1, 2011

Where I'll be

Long before I spent the majority of my time thinking and blogging about Michigan sports, I was just a lowly music critic, working my way up the hierarchical publication ladder. During my senior year of high school, I started writing reviews at Delusions of Adequacy and worked my way through sites of gradually increasing stature before undergoing my formative music writing experience at Stylus Magazine and The Michigan Daily, eventually landing at the grand daddy, Pitchfork, and bowing out a few months later.

The point is, music writing had always been my thing and it was the reason I started The Modern Things back in 2008. But in late 2008, I was experiencing my first summer in four years where the promise of Ann Arbor, my core group of friends, and Michigan football and hockey were not in the cards. I became rabid for more football coverage and realized that most of my writing on The Modern Things was tending toward sports. It was shortly into the 2008 season that I decided to abandon The Modern Things in favor of a sports-only site (this one) that eventually morphed into the Michigan-only site it is today.

But with the offseason approaching and my own desire to start talking intelligently about music (and video games too, probably) in a public place again, most of my writing this summer will probably be at The Modern Things. So if you like reading about the new TV On the Radio album or white Atlanta rappers with red afros or watching music critics eat ice cream, stop by. Posts around these parts will probably be pretty slim with exception of the next few weeks when Michigan wraps up the Frozen Four and Spring practice.


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