Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something about tridents

Yesterday, there were Twitter rumblings about tridents and Michigan football being related in some way. Then, Brian Cook asked the MGoMafia to Photoshop Hoke into the Anchorman brawl scene. Now it makes sense. The Toledo Blade:
Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison vowed Tuesday to give his players "enough bullets" to be successful in Saturday's season opener, meaning the Wolverines will be diverse in their schemes, have the flexibility to make adjustments on the fly, and make substitutions freely to stay fresh...

Tridents, unlike the symbolic bullets, are actually real. Head coach Brady Hoke recently issued each one of his players a large trident pitchfork with his name on it. The tridents now hang from the ceiling in the meeting room at Schembechler Hall. It was a move inspired by the Navy SEALs, which awards its graduates a trident pin.
I don't have anything to add to this, but as one to never let a good Photoshop go to waste--least of all a Michigan-related Photoshop--here was my offering:

Carry on.


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