Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Sugar Bowl: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

And so it is: Michigan will face Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl on January 3. As the game approaches, content will be similar to that of last year's Gator Bowl. Now I'll begin the arduous process of downloading and rewatching a bunch of worthless Virginia Tech games from this season.

I also haven't forgotten about the Ohio State post-game. Throughout this week, I'll do the usual play breakdown and analysis. Virginia Tech extensive preview will begin next week.

All coverage of the game can be found at the Bowl Games page.


DrewForBlue said...

Great Blog. Maybe I can save you some time. I'm a Georgia Tech and Michigan fan since I went to both schools. NOBODY likes VT in the ACC. Nobody.

When VT outmatches an opponent physically/athletically, they win. It may be close, but they will pull it out. They have done this year in and year out for as long as Beamer-ball has existed. At first you think luck, but it's not. They are coached well.

To beat them? Have a good/great defensive line and get some pressure. The best d-lines have had the best chance of winning. Outside of Clemson - North Carolina, Miami have the next best. These are not exactly world-killers as seen by their records, but have the best athletes.

Michigan will win, and I get the feeling it won't be close. Thomas' passing is good enough to not be able to make a similar gameplan defensively as you would Ohio. Wilson will have a decent day, as he's probably in the top 3 backs UM faces this year

Beat them by picking on their DBs and having Denard be Denard. He will be the best athlete at QB they face, and could be a big day for Mr. Robinson.

One last thing, VT is known in the ACC for one thing more than any other: laying big fat eggs against non-conference opponents and then running the table in-conference. This is usually at the beginning of the season where they collapse, but I feel another one coming.

Gymrat1 said...

VT's DBs (when healthy--they weren't for Clemson #2) can shut down UM WRs. They thrive on making you one dimensional. The D is very fast. Unless you have a dominant DL, they will run on you. If Thomas is on, UM will be in for a long day.

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