Monday, September 28, 2009

Pete Carroll's desperation

When Mark Sanchez announced that he was leaving USC a year early for the NFL, Pete Carroll was none too happy. He was blasted in the media for the way he handled the situation--more or less like one of those spoiled Sweet 16 children that didn't get the Lamborghini they asked for.

The one quote that really sticks out to me is Carroll's claim that Sanchez wasn't ready for the NFL. At the time, I called bullshit. Sanchez proved himself fully capable to make the throws and decisions that were required of an NFL quarterback (or at least as much as a college quarterback is able to demonstrate them in NCAA play), completing almost 66% of his passes, for 8.76 YPA, and 34 TDs to 10 INTs. Sanchez was NFL ready.

Carroll's quotes, then, seem more like selfish propaganda than honest criticism of Sanchez's play. As the New York Jets sit at 3-0, in large part because of the play of Sanchez who has been relatively good, especially for a rookie (59% completion percentage, 4 TDs, and 2 INTs), you begin to question Carroll and how he felt toward his incumbent and incoming quarterbacks. Putting aside the desire not to play a true freshman at quarterback, USC's current quarterback situation is... unsettled. The collective numbers of quarterbacks Aaron Corp and Matt Barkley are not altogether abysmal (60% completion, 4 TDs, 2 INTs, 8.38 YPA), but neither of them look like leaders or capable of making the difficult plays.

This is nothing new. The quarterback competition at USC has been in flux for the entire offseason and continued as such into conference play. But put in juxtaposition with the Sanchez/Carroll national awkward party a few months ago, Carroll's anger and doubt seem just a little more despicable now.


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