Monday, September 28, 2009

Tebow follow up

As was expected, people have been talking about the Tebow injury. Most compellingly, however, was Every Day Should be Saturday, who takes a remarkably compassionate, logical, and intelligent look at concussions in general and Tebow's influence over those people he's trying to reach in his preaching and otherwise. I highly recommend. Money quote:

If Tebow has suffered a concussion, and is genuinely concerned about setting an example for the people he wants to reach, he should let John Brantley start against LSU. That is not meant to be an emotional plea. If anything, it is as cold and logical a call as one could hope to make. The sort of statement one makes when you use your healed, rational, and firing-on-all-synapses brain looking at the evidence-based prescriptions of medical science. (Exactly the kind of decision he and other football players will not make.)


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