Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday morning presser (2)

Tate Forcier

- Feels pretty healthy. Took a few shots but feels fine and will see how practice goes. Will wear a sleeve on knee. Just twisted his knee. Shoulder has been good. Haven’t taken bad hits on the shoulder. Was a little bit protective of his shoulder but at this point of the season, need to play hurt.
- Close losses just show how close the team is. A few plays away from having three more wins.
- Team comes out fired up in the first half and a little slower in the second half. As team leader, needs to fire up the team more.
- “We’re going to be fine. Just need to get these seniors to a bowl game.”
- Every game is a tough game. Wisconsin and OSU are going to be tough but just need to come out hungry.
- Knows a lot of the seniors because many of them come from Jason Forcier’s class. Can’t send the seniors out empty handed.
- Thinks defense plays very well. Biggest problem is big plays. Throughout the season, Tate has noticed that offense puts defense in difficult position.
- Waiting to see Roundtree on the field. Now that Odoms is out, Roundtree went out and played well.
- Expected to be banged up; coming in as a freshman against the Big Ten, he was going to get beat up.
- Injuries to the offense don’t make it more difficult on Tate because everyone gets reps during the week.
- On turnovers: Little mistakes that you can prevent. Making freshman mistakes he doesn’t want to make. Have to put turnovers behind you.
- Never let success of the first few games get to his head. Team came out strong but the last few weeks, haven’t been playing their best.
- Do you feel like you’re playing like a freshman? Since Illinois the game has slowed down for Tate. As a team, everyone is making their share of mistakes and he’s made freshmen ones. It’s his job not to make those.
- Tried to back off from doing everything himself. Been trying to get the athletes the ball instead of doing it all yourself. When things aren’t going well, you want to be the answer.


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