Thursday, December 17, 2009

Expansion, corner depth, and Mike Hart

So remember when I said that there's no reason to care about the Big Ten thinking about expanding because you're not going to get anything important or of substance? Check out these LOLerskates:

Multiple Big Ten sources told the Tribune Wednesday that 14 teams, even 16, could be in play as it relates to the Big Ten's potential expansion. "Anything is possible," one source said, beyond the conventional wisdom of simply adding a 12th school.

I reiterate: Don't care or pay any attention to what's going on here until such a time comes that the Big Ten announces what team it's allowing through the Pearly Gates.

Boo boo
So Boubacar Cissoko--'member him?--might be trying to rejoin the team. To which I give an emphatic yawn. I broke down what secondary might look like if Warren ends up heading to the NFL and came away with the conclusion that, even losing our best corner, depth isn't too dire and Michigan should be set with guru-approved young'uns. Getting Cissoko back would increase the depth but not in any meaningful manner. Cissoko was outright awful in the few games he played in this year and corner depth is such that just having bodies is no longer an issue. Again, I'm way more concerned with the possible loss of....

Brandon Smith, who is uber-transfered.

"That's how it is with everybody," said Roundtree, speaking at a Washtenaw County Salvation Army volunteer event today. "It's a dislike of the coaches, a dislike of the players, you don't feel comfortable, you've got to do something? I'm not sure.

"I talked to him and said, 'What's going on?' He just was shaking his head. It probably just hit him, like, 'I probably messed up.' He was just like he really didn't care, he's just ready to leave. It's up to him."

Not only is this the obvious, "Yep, he's gone" statement, but it sounds like things might have gotten ugly for Smith. There's clearly something going on here that we haven't been privy to, but in any case, Smith is not just leaving because of playing time. Maybe Cissoko can play the Stevie Brown/Brandon Smith position. Except absolutely not. Ugh.

So Mike Hart, favorite son of the Michigan faithful, has been getting a lot of time for the Colts lately after having been waived and demoted to the practice squad and waived and placed behind Chad Simpson on the depth chart and etc. Speaking of depth charts

Notice anything missing? That's how out-of-the-NFL Mike Hart has been: ESPN, even after Hart has basically been promoted to Joseph Addai's backup in the last few weeks, still doesn't even have him on the depth chart. Needless to say, along with Henne, Hart is someone who I'd like to see develop a pro career. Obviously, Henne's star shines much brighter in the NFL, but seeing Hart become a reliable third-down back would be cool. I'll definitely be watching tonight on some illegal internet stream of the game.


Lankownia said...


You said it best and I'm not sure how you draw a different conclusion than doom for the secondary. We've seen that even elite talents like Warren and Woodson can struggle as true freshman, and lesser talents get killed. Consider how Woolfolk looked (useless) until his Junior season. There are of course exceptions, but underclassman starting is usually a bad sign.

Booboo had his issues but was still a high profile recruit who got some early playing time and showed a lot of promise at times. He'll have two years of experience (dealing with stuff off-field if not on it)

I'm infinitely more comfortable returning a Warren/Cissoko/Woolfolk/X secondary than a X/Woolfolk/X/X secondary. Where X is a freshman/sophomore/walkon. We can't count on inexperienced underclassmen to play well, as evidenced by Williams, Floyd, Smith. The more experience we return the better.

Its true that we have more bodies to throw back there now, but I'd feel so much more comfortable relying on them as backups. And personally, Woolfolk is the only one who has demonstrated they have a clue what should be happening at Safety, so moving him to corner out of necessity is bad news.

Lankownia said...

There's also a decent chance that some of the potential secondary depth (Smith, Kovacs, Williams, Robinson) could be moved to Brown's LB spot if Hawthorne/Jones/Bell whoever can't handle it. Or thats just a better place to utilize them, as might be the case for Williams (if he isn't too small) or Kovacs.

EastCoastBlue said...

I still can't believe that Kovacs was second in tackles! I'm not sure whether to root for Boo Boo's return or hope he never gets back on. Our secondary needs warm bodies. Boo Boo certainly had his weaknesses but maybe this removal and 2nd chance will make him appreciate what an opportunity he has and he will come out focused and motivated. I know that is best case scenario but at this point, it appears they need all the help they can get. Or, lets hope, the offense can put up 35 points a game!

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