Friday, October 21, 2011

A call for recruiting fanatics

When I first started to really take this blog seriously (there were a few months upon its inception that it was just a general sports blog), I made an effort to produce content that you couldn't find elsewhere, an idea that quickly become my unofficial mission statement. This explains why the majority of the content here is comprised of Picture Pages and Xs and Os. Knowing that I'll likely never have the resources, inside contacts, or reach of Brian at MGoBlog, I wouldn't write on anything that I couldn't provide unique analysis or commentary on. Not having the time or the passion to invest in recruiting, that subject went almost entirely unreported here. Unfortunately, it may be too big a piece of the puzzle for me to totally ignore anymore, which is why I'm putting out an official call for a recruiting analyst to write for the site. With this being the bye week, I figured it was as good a time as any to gauge the interest of both readers and people who might want to write.

So here's the catch: right now, this site makes essentially no money, so compensation will be slim to nonexistent, but that's something that can be discussed later. I am, however, a professional editor and writer and can offer the benefits that go along with that. The point is, this is a position for someone who is already passionate about Michigan recruiting but never had an avenue to pursue it or didn't want to deal with the back-end management of a website.

The structure of the content has yet to be decided. In keeping with the site's goals, I'd like for it to be different than the various other Michigan blogs currently covering it, but the nature of the industry is such that there is bound to be some crossover. This would be something to brainstorm about and formulate.

If this is something that you're interested in, contact me at Please send a brief description of who you are, a bit about your writing background, and any ideas you have for coverage. I'll respond to all submissions and depending on the interest, determine where to take this.


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