Monday, October 17, 2011

Mark Dantonio: Pillar of class

I forgot to mention this in the game column, but it deserves to be noted: Though Michigan may have been beaten on Saturday, they certainly weren't outclassed. As if you didn't know this already, the Spartans are truly unsportsmanlike thugs. The ESPN announcers extolling the virtues of Mark Dantonio and the way he runs his program to try and offset yet another cheap shot by the Spartans was comical. After the Dorm Hall Massacres, it was probably a stretch to try and validate that program as anything other than a bunch of meatheads given total amnesty, but since Tressel's departure, Dantonio has become the poster boy for good, upstanding Christian men with strong jaws. This is just further proof that if you put on a good face and say the right things to the media, reality is unimportant.

I mean this with all sincerity: Fuck Mark Dantonio. You beat us, and that sucks, but I can live with the loss. What pisses me off is watching your players act like asshole as you're commended for your discipline.


Eric said...

Lol someone likes butthurt. Remember 4 years ago when Michigan was on its 3 year win streak? Michigan players were every bit as cocky and dirty as the State players "were." Suck it up and quit bitching.

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