Monday, October 29, 2012


Edward Ruscha - "Oof"

I'm stuck in New York. There's apparently a hurricane hovering over my head and Delta airlines thinks it's a bad idea to fly during a hurricane. On Sunday, my girlfriend and I went to the Museum of Modern Art where, inexplicably, you can take pictures of their regular collection. Feeling despondent for most of the day, we came across the Ruscha above. Appropriate.

This post is going to be short because I plan on running through the abandoned streets of Manhattan soon, but Saturday sucked. Al Borges is officially on Greg Mattison "Your Schemes Don't Work" watch and Michigan's receivers appeared to have it in for Russell Bellomy and refuse to catch his passes. Winning the Big Ten may be out of reach. Rooting for MSU and Penn State is now Michigan's only way to make it to Indianapolis, that is of course, if Denard Robinson isn't broken forever. The only good news is that Michigan's defense is for real, which we probably already knew.

Coverage this week will be spotty because of travel complications.


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