Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.

As we near the ever-depressing offseason and I becoming increasingly more apathetic toward the caving basketball team, posts around these parts will become more sparse and probably more random. I'd like to do basketball/football player-by-player recaps, but they'd likely be based mostly on my recollection of their play/stats, which is to say, not particularly enlightening or accurate. But we'll see how it goes. Football would probably only be the skill positions while basketball would get a pretty full recap. If anyone knows where I can find torrents of the basketball games, I'd like to do some play breakdown like I did during the football season.

Otherwise, there will probably be more pop culture and general sports comments, emphasis on the latter. I'll probably spend some time talking Red Wings around these parts when the playoffs roll around (if they roll around, I suppose). And various NBA column are likely.

Michigan columns/information should continue in full force when things start happening again in a month for spring practice and then later when fall practice starts again. It's going to be another depressing 6 months.


Andrew Kahn said...

"various NBA columns are likely" -- uh oh

Chris Gaerig said...

Yeah. The three or four people that don't think I'm bats right now will certainly think so after that's done with.

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