Monday, February 1, 2010

Random things

So for those of you with better things to do than watch the Senior Bowl (all of you), Brandon Graham won the game MVP as he was completely unblockable, caused fumbles and ran around more than men of his size sould be able to run around; motors and grit and heart and whatnot. The other theme to come out of the game is that Tim Tebow isn't very good at throwing a football, which we all already knew once we saw him play with Percy Harvin.

But Graham delivered a number of lyrical gems in his sideline interview like "Whoever gets me is going to love me." Most players interviewed were at least somewhat humbled. Thanked god. Talked about prepping for the pros. Brandon Graham wants nothing to do with your humility. He basically just talked about how great he was for 1:30. This may stem from the fact that he was arguably the best defensive lineman in the country this year (yeah, I'm putting him up there with Suh) despite being on a truly atrocious defense. Dude knows how great he is. He will be the next great Wolverine in the NFL barring injury or dog fighting or some other unforeseen event.

Michigan beat Iowa this weekend in what was a hideous display of athleticism by the Hawkeyes. They didn't make a field goal for the first 10 minutes of the game. It was basically unwatchable. DeShawn Sims went all beast mode again and Manny Harris put up 20 points (albeit on 6-16 from the field; this needs to change kthxbye). The team still can't shoot from beyond the arc, going 7-26 (26.9%). Like I said last week, Michigan is going to be in trouble once Sims is gone, especially if we don't see appreciably better shooting next year. Terror level has been raised to Amaker. You'll be informed if it changes.

I gave my thoughts on the Friday game over the weekend. I'm pretty upset I didn't see the end of the game now that it's turned into a massive controversy. But from the sound of it Michigan just got screwed on a crappy rule in hockey. I've played the game my entire life and have been subject to a number of "whistles blown before the puck is covered because the ref lost sight of it" calls. They suck, but thems the shakes. By the time we're dead and gone, they more or less balance out. But when it rains it pours, and Michigan fans have been getting dumped on for a while. Tough loss to take but not a wholly unprecedented whistle/call. This happens to hockey teams. Frankly, Michigan didn't deserve to win that game. Then again, MSU didn't deserve to win an 18-turnover hoops performance, but somehow that happened...

It's happening. Wednesday is National Signing Day. Michigan is still in on a few different players and I'm personally hoping for Demar Dorsey, a Florida safety and Denard Robinson's next of kin, to commit and fill up one of Michigan's final spots. Other than that, I'll take what we get and re-evaluate where the team. Overall, I think it's a good recruiting class if there aren't too many decommits in the next few days.


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