Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving, blog improvements, otherwise

Administrative note: Despite this being one of the more exciting times of the year, I have decided to take a very brief leave of absence as I pick up and move my entire life from the comforts of the Midwest and employment to the vast horizons of Los Angeles. Over the next week, there will be a minimal amount of posting on the site because I'll be sitting in a U-Haul truck somewhere in America. I will try and update from the road but internet will be difficult to come by.

I am taking this time to improve the site slightly, which is to say change the site domain name to I'm not really aware of how to do all of it, so there may be problems along the way. But I think the process is set in motion and, with any luck, there won't be too many problems in the future.

Also, a big thanks is due to Dave Bartkowiak of Dear Red Wings for helping me set up the domain.


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