Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall camp roster

So today is the first day of fall camp which means the following weeks will be filled with specious camp reports about So and So playing well above their projection. But a piece of objective information that we got today is a complete roster with the incoming freshman class added. Bullets:
  • Justin Turner is listed as a cornerback. There's been a lot of speculation about a late growth spurt that may harm his chances as a cornerback, necessitating a move to safety. Right now, though, he's listed at corner. I suspect this is due to a number of factors, but primarily because of depth issues at corner.
  • Martavious Odoms and Roy Roundtree are listed as slot receivers despite both having spent a little time as wide receivers (because of injuries) in the spring.
  • Mike Shaw is on the roster. There has been some hemming and hawing about his eligibility, and while this doesn't clear up much, it's tentatively a good sign that he's on the roster. I suspect we'll hear more about him in the coming weeks.
  • As suspected, Troy Woolfolk is still at cornerback. This is a permanent move.
  • Mark Moundros is listed as a FB/LB. I don't expect him to see the field much on either side of the ball, but he might pop up here and there.
  • Richard Ash is a defensive tackle. He's listed at 6'3", 320 lbs. Hopefully Barwis can turn him into a world-eating nose tackle with that weight. Those measurables scream Out of Shape and Redshirt to me. For comparison, fellow true freshman Terry Talbott is also a defensive tackle and is currently 6'3", 248 lbs; redshirt as well, but for other reasons.
  • Mike Martin shows up as a defensive tackle. MGoBlog has been posturing that we'll see Martin move outside to a defensive end spot, leaving Will Campbell as a true nose tackle. I still think we see Martin bounced out to defensive end a lot, but this means that we're still likely to see a lot of four-man fronts with Martin shifted over to the tackle position.
  • Craig Roh is listed as a linebacker.
That's about it as far as information that can be gleaned. Let the camp hype train begin.


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