Monday, September 17, 2012

That horse was dead when we got here

UMass 13 - #17 Michigan 63

Games in which the Vegas line is greater than 30 points rarely return any relevant information, especially when the favorite beats the spread. Michigan was supposed to beat UMass by 45 points because they're a bad football team that was shutout by UConn and lost to Indiana by 39. There are now 124 teams in the FBS. UMass ranks 124th in points for and points against, 121st in passing yards, and 120th in rushing yards. There is no "There's something to be said for beating the spread" or "They still had to win the game". UMass is a terrible football team and Michigan beat them adequately.

My brother got married on Friday, so I didn't watch much of this game past the first half, which was just long enough for Denard Robinson to remind me that he is probably still a mediocre passer at best. I'll rewatch the game and analyze a few blitzes that I noticed, but otherwise, there is very little to take away from this game other than raw data.


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