Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Braylon to the Jets

In case you hadn't heard, big news coming out of the NFL: Braylon Edwards has been traded to the Jets for wide receiver Chansi Stuckey, linebacker Jason Trusnik, and a few draft picks next year. Word circling around Cleveland right now is that this is an Eric Mangini move. Apparently the grievences being filed against Mangini by the players were mostly filed by Braylon. And after being held without a pass for the first time in his career last Sunday and punching one of Lebron's friends in the face, the camels back was officially broken.

Braylon had clearly wanted to get out of Cleveland for some time now. This was a shrewd move on the part of the Browns who knew they needed to sell high because, were his contract to expire, they weren't getting anything in return.

It's a shame, however, that one of my favorite Wolverines has fallen out of grace so significantly. After being blasted last year for dropping passes (he did this at Michigan too, chill out; you knew what you were getting), and this recent media fuss, Braylon has gone from promising, great wide receiver to an afterthought. We'll see how he does with Sanchez behind center. Last time he helped lift up a rookie quarterback, it ended pretty well.


Miles said...

I heard it here first. Maybe NFL Braylon 2.0 will fix the pass drop bug. OK, maybe not, but he at least ought to have more go-get-em opportunities than he did in Cleveland. Watching quality receivers atrophy in bad offenses is so painful. On a completely unrelated note, congrats on the Lions' first win.

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