Monday, October 12, 2009

Post-presser thoughts: BOOM TEBOW'D

So Tate was concussed sometime toward the end of the Iowa game. I don't remember the play. At all. I'm going to rewatch the game tonight, probably, and pull a few screens and yell at some linemen. Rodriguez said that on Forcier's last pass of the game, he was hit hard and suffered a slight concussion that was still lingering this morning. We all know what happened to the Golden Tebow, and how he fortunately had a bye week before playing against LSU. Well, barring some sort of monster collapse (App. State), Michigan mostly has a bye week as well, going up against Delaware State.

I had briefly noted that I thought Denard would start against Delaware State on Saturday for the coaches to try and get him as many reps as possible. Rodriguez assured that Tate was the starter for Saturday, but I would be surprised to see him go for more than three or four series, especially with this concussion. And that's only if he's medically cleared to play. Frankly, I think I'd rather see him sit Saturday's game out and really rest up for and study Penn State. I'm exceedingly convinced that Michigan can bring down this Penn State team (probably optimistic homerism, but we'll see), and their best chance is with Tate 100% healthy.

Rodriguez once again showed his emotional side during the press conference when he was taking questions about his QB decisions at the end of the game. A few different times he had to verbally settle himself down, much like he did in the post-game press conference. I don't know if the stress and scrutiny of Block M is getting to him or he's really upset about the game, but he doesn't handle pressing questions particularly well. Or at least with the poise you'd expect him to.

(As an administrative aside, Rodriguez said that the press is no longer allowed to watch Wednesday practice because formations and plays were being spread about the blogs and newspapers. He's almost certainly talking about the Denard/Tate backfield that was largely rumored and discussed other places as well as here. And thus beginning the transition from chatty southerner to Lloyd Carr.)

I really don't know what to think about Cissoko at this point. He's practicing with the scout team, not traveling with the team, and is having both academic and, presumably, team issues. With the serious depth issues Michigan currently has in the secondary, this is pretty serious. Cissoko was likely not happy with being replaced by the obviously less talented JT Floyd and, I assume, started to act out at practice. This doesn't sound good. I'm pulling for him, but I don't know that we'll see him on the field again this year. That spells trouble for Kovacs and Williams who will officially be exposed for the rest of the season.


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