Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vomiting For Dummies

How much do you like vomiting? If you're answer is, "Well, I like vomiting more than running on a treadmill" then I've got the perfect thing: Michigan strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis' line of Becoming A Freak Athletic For Dummies books. This is the introductory book (which, for only a few dollars more, you can get signed[!!]). It's described thusly:

BarwisMethods Football Training Manual gives the reader a simplified version off the holistic methods employed by Mike Barwis and his staff. It is an excellent introductory book that offers insight into a multidimensional training program. The manual gives the coach a broad array of training techniques that can be easily implemented into a developmental program. All facets of training are covered in their most simplified form giving the reader an excellent starting point for the development of the coach and his athlete. This book is an outstanding precursor to the significantly more in‐depth books in the BarwisMethods series.

What's really funny about this, however, is that www.barwismethods.com which opens with a quote from Braylon Edwards, "I've never worked out like this since ... well, ever." I understand wanting to promote your brand, but this just screams QBForce jealousy.


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