Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can has Roses? No.

Stevie Brown said in a press conference that he was interested in maybe, possibly, playing in the Rose Bowl again this year despite the team's 1-2 conference record. Well, MVictors breaks down the possible scenarios that get Michigan into the Rose Bowl. The outlook? Bleak:

The only scenario that gets Michigan the automatic BCS bid requires Iowa to lose three games. Bollocks. Once Iowa is out of the picture, our chances are wonderful!

In a Michigan-Michigan State-Penn State three way tie, assuming the Lions beat the Spartans and the rest of their schedule, Michigan State would actually be eliminated due to overall winning percentage, then the tie-break would go to Michigan who beat Penn State head-to-head. In a Michigan-MSU-Ohio State three way tie, OSU and Michigan State are eliminated based on overall % and Michigan gets through. And obviously the Wolverines would win two-way ties with just Penn State or Ohio State.

The numbers are just as bad as they seem, and Stevie Brown is going to be disappointed that there's about a .0746% chance Michigan has any shot at playing in Pasadena for the holidays. Rebuilding years and expectations and all that. A non-Pizza Pizza Bowl will be acceptable. Roses are too formal anyway; we just started dating.


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