Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday morning presser

I'm going to try and watch the Monday morning press conference from now on and report back with interesting stuff. I'll usually only report what Rodriguez has to say because, well, most player press conferences are dull and uninformative. If something spectacular happens. I'll let you know. You can watch the press conference here.

Rich Rodriguez
- O-line plays pretty solidly. Wasn’t best game. They played really hard. A few technical things, but was pleased with effort. Gave us a chance.
- Troy to corner out of necessity and trying to solidify back end. Troy had tweaked ankle but performed well for not having played in a game.
- The guy that had to make the move was Kovacs (free to strong). Playing strong was pretty good for the move.
- Tate is going to start this week.
- Tate got a little concussion on his last play. Didn’t know at the time. Will be limited today. Concussion wasn’t severe. Still has a headache today but will reevaluate when he sees him today.
- Nothing with his thumb. Shoulder limited Tate’s practice time but it didn’t bother him during the game. Felt good in warm ups but got treatment on it during the game.
- Playing on Saturday is a medical decision. Never put anybody out there that’s not 100%. Don’t know how severe it was, but after the game, RR was told he was dinged. Still had a bit of a headache today.
- Carlos Brown is fine. Will be ready for Saturday.
- Was putting Denard in no matter what. Says he didn’t grab Tate to bring him back.
- Different reads for the QB. Tate made some good decisions but wanted some back.
- Have to talk to the team quite a bit for this week’s game against Delaware State.
- We’re different when Brandon (Minor) is in there because of how he runs the ball. We think Minor is one of the most physical players in the country.
- Doesn’t mind playing one 1-AA team every year.
- I wish we had gotten outside receivers more involved. They did one of their best jobs blocking on the perimeter.
- Not happy with the two losses. Two good teams in tough environments. But moments you want back. Unforced errors on offense or defense, and maybe you win one if you get one or two or those back.
- Odoms has played very well. Is more physical.
- Tate’s increased turnovers may be because he “wants to make every play”. Part of Tate and Denard’s outstanding ability is their ability to create. Have to try and do it within the structure of the offense.
- Can’t say that freshmen who haven’t played will redshirt. Wants another year of eligibility to get freshmen worked in on special teams.
- Boubacar practicing with the scout team. Will continue to do so until he gets unsuspended. Academics are part of it but there’s other things too.
- Media not allowed in practice on Wednesday because plays were showing up in blogs and newspapers.
- Tate has to be cleared by Wednesday to play on Saturday.
- Molk took some snaps yesterday. Trainers want to see him today.


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