Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hennebot smash

Chad Henne got his first start on Sunday and it was, by all accounts, a success. Above is his first ever NFL touchdown pass--in spectacular YouTube HD--ironically thrown to an Ohio State receiver. Henne wasn't asked to do too much, throwing for only 115 yards on 22 attempts. Part of this, I presume, is because he's getting his first start, and some is because he doesn't have the receivers to produce a really dynamic passing game.

Reactions ranged from "serviceable" to "Such an awesome fuckin robot." I tend to think the latter. Henne is probably the last (at least for the forseeable future with Rich Rodriguez manning the ship at Michigan) mancannon quarterbacking robot to dominate the NFL. As the season goes on, I think you see Miami open up the passing game for Henne, with one or two rookie collapse game.

I continue to be miffed by the presence of Pat White, though. I understand that Ronnie Brown was superb out of the wildcat, and by all means, Miami should continue with that success. But the Dolphins presumably drafted White to play that role eventully because of his passing and running threat. But he keeps getting one or two snaps a game before being benched. I can only assume he just doesn't have a grasp of the playbook yet, but I feel like he should get more than one snap in a blowout against a terrible Buffalo team.

Either way, Hennebot has risen and will now commence destruction of all NFL secondaries.


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