Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday morning presser

Rich Rodriguez:
- Molk is going to practice today and how he feels every day will determine how much he will play. Medically cleared to practice. Tomorrow will be true test.
- No hesitation about Molk playing after missing a few weeks. If rust lingers throughout the week, then you hesitate a bit.
- Line will go back to how it started the season if Molk is back.
- Time off this week was invaluable, especially for players that were injured. Minor and Tate were very limited last week in practice and the game to get healthy.
- Don’t know if Minor will be 100% but he’ll be better than he’s been in past weeks.
- Doesn’t matter what your record is. You go into the game with the same intensity. But it is a different feel when you run down the tunnel about to play Penn State.
- A lot of ways we can control our own fate to win Big Ten championships and we need some help too. Need to take care of what they have to do.
- Darryl Clark is one of the best QBs in the country. Recruited him at West Virginia. Royster is one of the best RBs in the country. PSU plays very soundly, typical JoePa team. Dominated TOP, ball control. Dominating complete games.
- PSU forces loss-of-yardage plays in the games team has watched. A lot of great players and put teams in long yardage situation.
- It’s going to be a game that we’re going to play to the end and hope a few breaks go our way.
- Worries about number of possessions more than time of possession. You want to have 12 or 13 opportunities. If you’re limiting your possessions, you’re limiting your opportunities to score. Need to create turnovers, 3 and outs, and make them defend.
- Stonum has become a big play guy. Wants him to play on a consistent level.
- Identified what Mike Williams’ strength and weaknesses were in camp. Trying to work those out and put him in good situations.
- After watching film, didn’t have anyone that should get playing time above a starter. Not disappointed by this.
- Team doesn’t panic when teams get into the red zone. Playing hard and trying to make plays to minimize the damage. It’s the team’s personality. Team might not always play well, but will always play.
- Has met with Boubacar Cissoko almost every day since he was suspended. It’s a day-to-day thing. Up to Boubacar when he comes back.
- Odoms will be back in punt return more often.
- If players call back 15 years after they’re gone and say they’d do it all over again at the same place with the same people, then the program has been successful.
- Will meet with the team and mention the Jasper Howard [UConn CB who was recently stabbed to death] situation.


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