Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday presser

 Rich Rodriguez during his Wednesday press conference:

- Doctors doing test on Tate still. Unless something happened that Rodriguez doesn’t know about, Tate will be practicing.
- Irregardless of playing Tate, Denard, or Nick, they will have the same gameplan.
- Rodriguez thinks Mooseman felt more comfortable in game two at center. He’s been at center in practice but not in games before. Rodriguez likes how he’s taking leadership.
- Woolfolk will stay at corner this week. Could move back to safety anytime, but Rodriguez likes what they’re able to do with him at corner.
- Says move was made more because of what Woolfolk brought to the position and not what JT Floyd or Cissoko were lacking.
- “Going forward, we’ll see how the other guys (in the secondary) handle it.”
- Kelvin Grady has (though he said he didn’t want to say it) “hit a rookie wall”. Has challenged Grady to step his game up and he’ll be back in the mix soon.
- Carlos should be cleared to play on Saturday. Minor should be good to go as well. “Brandon is such a tough guy, he’ll always tell you he’s 100%.”
- Team has been focused after losses. Know they need to get better.
- On Minor/Brown carry distribution: If they both had between 15 and 20 carries in a game, that would be perfect.
- Shaw and Smith have to get more game action. Can’t expect them not to make mistakes if they don’t have game action.
- Minor will be the starter if he’s 100% or close to it.

Editorial comments to come.


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